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Last update: 13.10.21
COVID-19 did not stop the work on our project! Instead, while we are waiting for the possibility to meet live, we meet online and discover new virtual methods of presenting and exchanging our experiences!


This document consists of guidelines for gathering information for the BSB Smart Farming project partners' countries investigation of the preparedness for smart farming.
Download the methodology here
6 regional Analysis
In order to identify the needs of the farming communities, to find ways to alleviate poverty and narrow the digital divide between urban and rural areas and between BSB countries, a common research was planned and elaborated to identify current challenges of smart farming and the future opportunities. Here you can find the results from the regional analysis:
Synthesis report on the level of preparedness for Smart Farming of BSB area countries
The aim of this document is to present the results of the investigation in the Black Sea Basin (BSB) farming communities, that is in urgent need of becoming more competitive, sustainable and productive, by improving their businesses, production processes, products and services through a smart farming ecosystem, supported by the digitisation of services.
You can find the report in:
English, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek
Synthesis in English
The original version of the synthesis prepared in English language by the common work of the partnership
Synthesis in Bulgarian language
Bulgarian translation prepared by BAA
Synthesis in Romanian language
Romanian translation prepared by Business Advisory Center
Synthesis in Greek language
Greek translation prepared by Pieriki
Synthesis in Armenian language
Armenian translation prepared by Enterprise Armenia
Regional Roadmaps
We are presenting you roadmaps from partner's countries, which trace directions and measures for answering the needs, overcoming challenges and formulating new vision and goals for supporting the region's digital transformation in agriculture and connected sectors.
Regional Roadmaps for Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania, Moldova and Georgia
Roadmap Greece
Roadmap Bulgaria
Roadmap Romania
Roadmap Armenia
Roadmap Georgia
Roadmap Moldova
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