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First Infoday in Bulgaria

Information meeting with representatives of the academic community on the

Smart Farming project

The team of the Business Agency Association - Varna organized an information
meeting on an international Smart Farming project related to the development of
agriculture, with partners from Greece, Armenia, Romania, Georgia and Moldova.
The Smart Farming project is part of the Joint Operational Program Black Sea
Basin 2014 - 2020 and refers to the development and implementation of a model
for preparing the conditions for ensuring digital transformation in agriculture in the
Black Sea basin.

The project responds to the need for a significant change in the existing conditions
in all countries of the Black Sea Basin, related to the digital transformation in
agriculture and related sectors around the world, which also affect the region. The
digitalisation of the agricultural sector requires a transition from traditional
farming to modern methods through new technologies and the project addresses
the main territorial challenges in several dimensions.

The hybrid meeting was attended by representatives of the academic communities
in Varna, participants from 6 local universities, journalists and those interested in
the topic.

The president of the Business Agency Association, Sylvia Stumpf, appealed to
those present for feedback and the expert opinion of the academy.
The project will improve the capacity of the agricultural community, academia,
public institutions, industry actors and entrepreneurs for cross-border trade
opportunities to meet the common territorial challenges of lagging behind in
modernization in the agricultural and related sectors.
The meeting presented the national policies in agriculture in Bulgaria, the
economic potential of small farms, the path of modernization, innovation and
digital technologies in agriculture, national strategies for financing agriculture and
related sectors, smart technologies and the IoT in Bulgaria and agricultural needs
in the country.
Smart Farming is currently developing an online platform where farmers can find
information on both the digital development of the sector in the Black Sea region
and useful links - for example, how a Bulgarian farmer can get funding from
Armenia or how to sell its products in Georgia.

The platform will be available soon at with many developed
cases, thematic sections for startups, a huge database, stories of manufacturers who
have relied on digital technologies, there will be an opportunity for
communication. There you will also be able to find information on funding
opportunities in the scope of the next programming period.
The meeting ended with a discussion on the problems of the challenges in modern
agriculture and how universities can get involved in it.
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